All the structural parts you need to assemble your Mini QBiT.


20% off all additional parts!


Please note: With Endurance wing set: Endurance wing should be mounted as lower wing and Speed wing as upper wing. Do not switch them or you will experience instability! Also, be sure to mount rotors so they spin inwards.


Frame: The frame for building Mini QBiT. Made from carbon fiber infused nylon for maximum strength and durability. Neodymium magnetic mounts allow for rapid assembly and dissassembly of wings and nose cone.


Wings: Aerospace grade carbon fiber hand-made wings for Mini QBiT. Carbon fiber infused nylon wing mounts and neodymium magnetic design allow for ease of assembly. 2 ply thickness carbon for maximum strength to weight ratio. Endurance wing will allow for greater flight times at slower speeds compared to speed wing configuration.


Nose Cone: Nose cone for Mini QBiT frame made from carbon fiber infused nylon. Neodymium magnet attachment for ease of assembly, access to electronics, and protection in crashes.

Please note:

*The First Person View (FPV) option has mounting for a camera, check tech specs for dimensions.

*The Visual Line of Sight (VLOS) option does not have mounting for a camera.


Velcro also included for battery mounting.

Full Set (Frame, Wings, Nose Cone)