Build your own Mini QBiT

Step 1:​ Get the parts

You have two options:

Buy the parts:

Make the parts yourself:


2x Wings


1x Frame


1x Nose Cone

Step 2: Get the electronics These are merely suggestions and fit is not guaranteed, list will update as parts are tested.

1. 1x Motors

2. 1x Props (Max 3 in Diameter)

3. 1x Battery​ (See max battery dimensions in Tech Specs)


4. 1x Flight Controller (Frame is designed to fit 16x16 and 20x20 stacked FC's, see Tech Specs for max dimensions)

5. 2x FPV Cameras

6. 1x Video Switcher (if using two FPV cameras)

If you're new to the hobby, welcome! You will need a transmitter and a set of FPV goggles. Think of these as an investment in the hobby. They are not exclusive to the Mini QBiT and can be used for any number of RC planes or quadcopters. Or whatever else you come up with ;)

6. 1x Transmitter

7. 1x FPV Goggles

Check Tech Specs page to confirm dimensions! Cannot guarantee these parts will fit as they are third party and not affiliated with
These are Amazon affiliate links

Step 3: Follow the build tutorial:

Update: You can skip the Control Remapping part and use the fpv cam mode in betaflight instead since its a bit easier. 1) Go to the cli, and enter in ‘set fpv_mix_degrees = 90’ 2) enter ‘save’ 3) go to the the modes tab and turn on ‘FPV ANGLE MIX’, set this to aux 2 and adjust the slider so that the highlighted portion is used when the flight mode is forward flight and hit save. This will do the control remapping for you and will switch back and forth depending on the camera view/flight mode.

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